Mother nature usually surprises us with her ingenuity and uniqueness. The hardest endeavor is to emulate her natural talent.

Crowns are first made in wax, burned out in the furnace, and then cast using the lost wax method.

All crown castings are finished under high magnification.  This helps achieve accuracy that the naked eye cannot.

All porcelain crowns are baked in a computer controlled furnace.

Porcelain can be shaded to create smiles that match the existing dentition.  Following nature's cues gives the best result.

Sometimes it is most challenging to match the color of the surrounding teeth when fabricating just one crown.

Some teeth are discolored by medication taken as a young child for infections.  We can restore their natural beauty with crowns or veneers.

Crowns are custom colored using multiple layers and surface stains to match the age, gender and esthetic requests of each patient.